Avengers Endgame Craze In Nepal 2019

avengers end game in nepal
Avengers endgame crazr in nepal
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Avengers Endgame In Nepal
Avengers Endgame in Nepal

Initial Release : April 24,2019 (China ) and worldwide :April 26 , 2019

Directors : Anthony Russo ,Joe Russo

Music Composed by :Alan Silvestri

Screen Play :Stephen Mc Feely , Christopher Markus

Story By : Stan Lee , Jack kirby , Jim starlin

96% of google user liked This movie .

People has rated 9.2 out of 10 .

The trailer of this movie has 98M plus views with 2.6M like and 49K dislike .

This is a super hero movie and Science friction movie .

This is the 22nd movie of MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe ).

Movies you must watch before Avengers Endgame:

Marvel studios movies
Marvel studios movies

1.The Avengers (2012 )

2.Thor : The Dark World (2013 )

3.Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014)

5.Doctor Strange (2016 )

4.Avengers : Age Of Ultron (2015)

6.Captain America : Civil War (2016)

7.Thor : Ragnarok (2017)

8.Black Panther (2018)

9.Avengers Infinity War (2018 )

NOTE : You also must watch Captain marvel .

Complete story before Avengers End Game :

To Know about this you must know about infinity stone. Infinity Stones are the Stones that are created at the time of creation of Universe .These are the most powerful stones of the universe .There are 6 infinity stones . This includes nature 6 Basic powers (Soul , Mind , Reality , Time , Space ,Power ) .

infinity stones
infinity stones

Time Stone can Control time and space stone control space .

These Stones can be only used by powerful peoples .These Stones are available in different place in different states.

In 2012 A.D In the movie The Avengers , Space stone was in earth inside a Tessaract Cube .loki was an alian and he was the step brother of thor . Loki comes to earth to took tessaract cube .Loki was said to bring tessaract cube and give to alian ,and alian give a right to rule over earth .

To Stop Loki , The Special Team is Made on Earth called Avengers , who have a special powers .Avengers gets victory over the loki and theirs team.and then thor moves to his planet taking the tessaract cube .

In 2013 A.D , In the movie Thor : The Dark World , we know about the reality stone .

In 2014 A.D In the movie Guardians Of The Galaxy , We knew about the Power stone . In this Movie Alian Named Thanos was shown . Thanos was the Alian That send loki to bring Tessaract Cube from earth .Thanos wants to get all the Infinity stones .

In 2015 A.D ,In the movie Avengers : Age Of Ultron (2015) , We see Mind Stone .With this Mind Stone New Super hero named Vision was born .He was also the member of Avengers .

In 2016 A.D, In the movie Doctor Strange , We knew about the time Stone .Doctor Strange was a magician .

In 2016 A.D In the movie Captain America : Civil War , Government Implemented the new rule ,that makes Avengers Divided into two parts .Then between the super heros of avengers (Iron man and captain america ) there occurs the conflict that leads to fight between them .

In 2017 A.D in the movie Thor : Ragnarok , Thor loses his weapon ,his family and his one eye too .and his planet was also destroyed .So Thor comes to Earth taking a spaceship .

In 2018 A.D In the movie Black Panther , we see a wakanda named new city .

And finally in the year 2018 A.D , marvel studios released the movie Avengers : infinity war . 

avengers end game in nepal
avengers end game in nepal

In this movie finally Thanos was shown to everyone .Thanos lives in the titan . this is the moon of Saturn .He so genious and power . there occurs the ABADI . So Everyone werenot getting food to eat .so Thanos thinks to kill half of the peoples of planet show that others half of peoples can live a normal life . Because of thanos this view he was declared as a mad and He wasnnot given permission to live in titan .

After the few years ,Every resources of titan was finished and all the peoples living their were died and finally the titan was destroyed .As this happens Thanos thinks that we was right and he promised himself that he will destroy half peoples of every planet and he start killing half of the people of different planet .

While doing this ,He finally knew that he cant kill half peoples of all planet within his lifetime .And at that time he knew about the infinity stones .After getting all the information about infinity war and decides to collect all the infinity stones and he will destroy 50% of peoples from each planet at one time .

Thanos told the peoples of Nidavellier , To make Gauntlet .so that thanos can put all the infinity stones there .and so that he can use all infinty power atonce .Then he starts collecting infinity stones .

At first he destroys the Xander planet , and obtain the power stone and he moves forward to obtain space stone . space stone was on asgar planet . but the asgar planet was destroyed so he waslooking for the peoples of asgar planet .and get the space ship where there were asgar peoples .

Here Thanos get victory of thor and hulk he gets space stone .and kiling those peoplesand destroying that space ship he wents to get other stones .Then thanos send his two friends to earth to get mind and time stone.to get mind stone they fought with vision .but captain america saved vision .

After that captain america wents to wakanda taking vision .and others two allians send by thanos went to doctor strange to get time stone .but they couldnt get time stone so putting doctor strange in the space ship they moved to titan .

To saved doctor strange , Iron man and spider man goes to that Space ship .and they killed that alians and saved doctor strange .

after that ,Thor meets the gardens of the galaxy .Here thor told them about the thanos .and thor moves to NEDAVELLIERS . To Make a weapon to kill the thanos .and other members of gardens of the galaxy moves to knowhere planet to get reality stones before thanos .

After reaching to knowhere planet they knew that thanos has already get reality stone .Here thanos took away the gamaura ( Team of garden of galaxy ) as she knows about the soul stone location .by tourchering gamauras sister thanos obtain soul stone too .

Iron man , Spider man and doctor strange moves to titan and meet the gardens of the galaxy teams and know about the thanos .Doctor strange viewed a future with the help of time stone.and he says that it is very difficult to kill the thanos . And there is a only one way to get victory over thanos .but he doesnt explain how to get victory over thanos .

Thanos also moved too titan and there occurs the fight among the thanos and avengers team .thanos killed many of the peoples . while Thanos was about to kill iron man ,Doctor strange gives time stone to the thanos and saved the life of iron man .And finally thanos has 5 infinity stones .

To get mind stone thanos friends went ko wakanda and then starts war .those allians kill many of the peoples of the wakanda at the same time Thor with the New weapon he reached to wakanda .and killed all the friends of the thanos .

After that thanos himself reached to the wakanda .while he went near to vision to get mind stone ,wonda using her power she distroys the mind stone and vision also dies.as thanos has time stones , he goes back in time and get the mind stone and killed the vision again .and finally he has all 6 infinity stones .at the same time thor cames with new weapon and hits thanos .that weapon is so powerful that 6 infinity stones also couldnt protect thanos .

Now the thor thinks that he gets victory over thanos but Thanos told to thor that ” You must had hit me in my head ” After telling this thanos dispappers .after that most of the peoples also starts disappers .

Reading this story You must feel that Villains wins and the movie is finished but This is not true .SO You must watch avengers Endgame to know the complete Story .

Avengers Craze In Nepal :

Avengers craze In Nepal
Avengers craze In Nepal

It is Said that this movie Avengers Endgame has brought Tsunami in Nepal .The Craze of this movie worldwide is very high, In the same way Neplease are also so crazy to watch the movie .

The sites of All The multiplexes Of kathmandu where they have opened for booking Of avengers endgame, all those sites have been shutdown /Crashed. and it is said that almost all tickets for the friday and saturday have been booked already .

This movie is shown in

1.QFX Civil Mall :

7:45 , 8:00 , 8:15 , 11:45 , 12:15, 15:30, 16:15, 19:15, 19:45, 20:15

2.QFX Labim Mall :

7:45 , 8:30 , 11:45 ,12:30 ,15:45 , 16:30 , 19:45 , 20:30

3.QFX Chhaya Center:

8:15 ,9:15 , 12:00 ,13:00 ,15:45 , 16:45 ,19:30 , 20:30

4:QFX Kumari Mall:

8:00 , 12:00 ,16:00 ,20:00

5.QFX jalma

8:00 , 11:45 , 15:30 , 19:15

Avengers craze in nepal
Avengers Craze in Nepal

This movie is available in 2D And 3D too in Nepal .

This movie is of 3 hrs 2 min.

This movie has given 10 shows in a day in civil mall .

This movie has got more then 45 shows in QFX in kathmandu .

In Nepal Chakka panja 2 is going to be released again but this movie isnot geting shows in QFX in kathmandu .

Also A Mero hajur 3 Nepali movie is running in third week but due to huge crazy of avengers end game in Nepal these has direct impact in the Nepali movies .

This movie craze has a huge craze in china and India too .and also it is predicted that this will be the top earning Hollywood movie .

It is expected to earn 50 Lakh – 80 Lakh in First day box office in Nepal by avengers end game .

This movie includes Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, War Machine, Rocket Raccoon, Ant-Man, Okoye, and more as a character of Avengers end game .

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Avengers Endgame In Nepal

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