How To Earn Money From Website?

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If any people have any queries on any topic they google it and visits that website.where Goggle has placed some ads in website .this is the way to earn money from website .

Difference between website and a wordpress.

To make a website you must have a knowledge of coding (CSS , HTML )and many more programming languages like java , php , python , .net . but

WordPress is the same thing but is pre defined coding and used programming language .

WordPress consists of many themes which are made from predefined coding so we shouldnot know coding in wordpress.

It is provides us the theme in free and paid version also wordpress consists of many plugins , widgets .

plugins and and widgets provides us calender , social media share botton , SEO Tools and many more things.

if u have the knowledge of coding then u can make all these things by yourself in wordpress too .

wordpress is also same like blog like ( here we can get many features that makes our website attractive.

How to create a website / wordpress ?

To create wordpress/ website you need a domain and the hosting .you can either get these in free or u can buy .

you can get free domain from freenom and hosting from infinityfree also you can purchase domains and hosting from godaddy and bangbrok too.

what is Domain ?

A Domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet .

This is the definition but in pratical you may have seen in every websites there is .com , .net , .org , .tk , .ga , and many more at the last of website link. that is domain.

Most of the websites has .com domain. so everyone prefers .com domain the most rank domain.

if u are wiling to buy domain you can buy .com domains.

what is Hosting?

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web .

there are three types of hosting

1.Shared hosting :

This is most useful for the wordpress beginner .For a simple website or wordpress you can choose shared hosting .

you can get C-panel , disk space , bandwith , SSL certificates and many more things in this hosting .

2.VPS (Virtual Private Server ):

This hosting are useful for those who needs a very high speed , high bandwidth .

In Nepal, kantipur annapurna news publications may use this or dedicated server as per their desire.

3.Dedicated server :

This type of hosting is required by the ,flipkart and most active users websites .

Note : VPS is the divided part of dedicated hosting sever and again shared hosting is the again divided part of VPS hosting .

After knowing all these things you can buy domains and hosting of your choice .you can buy hosting as per your required .

Getting all these Informations , you can make your own wordpress ,you can also prefer some youtube videos for the installation of wordpress.

After you installed the wordpress you must be active in wordpress . you must have to update your wordpress.

You must complete all requirement of google to approve your word-press to enable google ads.after enabling you can get 68% of your estimated earning and 32% will taken buy google.

I hope you have understood how to earn money from website /word-press .If you have any queries, I will be writing next article solving your queries Don’t forget to leave a comment .

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