How To Earn Money From Youtube In Nepal?

how to earn money from youtube in Nepal
how to earn money from youtube in Nepal
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Everyone of us use Youtube for different purpose .some use youtube for entertaintment and for educational purpose too.but did you know how to earn money from youtube in nepal ?check out this article

how to earn  money from youtube in Nepal
how to earn money from youtube in Nepal

Hello Everyone its me Dipesh Ghimire (Engineering student) from Tanahun Nepal .Its been a 2 years long experienced, I joined Youtube. I am sharing my experience in this article .

Firstly most of the peoples dont know we can earn money from youtube they might get shocked too .

secondly most of us know that or feels that from nepal we cant earn money from nepal because nepal is not eligible for monetisation .

What is monetization ?

The process of showing ads on your video by google is called monetization .

How to enable monetization ?

We upload a video in youtube whether it is our private . i means to say that you may upload your own video your dashain tihar your classes videos . But every video of ours is not eligible for monetization .

To monetise your video you must have crossed 1k subscribers and 4000 hrs watch time in your youtube channel within a year.

After your channel is fulfilled that and after youtube accepts you are eligible to earn money from youtube .

Then your channel is reviewed by youtube, youtube enables your monetisation then you can start earn money from it.

To Earn Money from youtube you must upload videos . you must make video viral . your video must have a High views to earn money .

what rules and regulations you must follow to earn money from youtube?

Every video You uploaded is not eligible for monetisation (Displaying ads ).

Your video must contain non copyrighted content . non adult contents .neiter the copyrighted pics can be used neither copyrighted music can be used .

how to earn  money from youtube in Nepal

how to earn money from youtube in Nepal

Most asked questions :

1.For what youtube pays you money?for view?for like?for comment?

This is the most asked to me from everyone to me .guys youtube neither pays you for views neither for like neither for comment.

It pays you only for the ads displayed to your Youtube videos that is placed by google.

2.Did youtube show ads to all your videos?

yes , after your channel is eligible for monetisation google puts ads on your video.

3.How much youtube pays for 1k views?

In general most peoples say for 1k vews youtube pays you 1$.for 50k for more views it pays you huge money.

But in real this is not true .Youtube pays you money for ads shown from your youtube channel video only.

note:for 1 view there is no 1 ads for this

4.Did youtube pays money for each view?

no. youtube only pays you money for ads show from your youtube channel video only.

For each view there is no ads shown. for that view there is no money paid for you by Youtube .

5.How much money can be earned from youtube?

its up to u . how much you work .how fast you grow your youtube channel how fast you make huge audience/viewers .

There are many examples earning a huge money like pewdiepie , Ashish Chanchlani , bb ki vines .

Some peoples takes a year to withdraw money from youtube .and some take a month only too.

6.What is Google adsense ?

if somebody is earning money online through the ads shown by google all the dollars people earn from that ads comes to them to their adsense account .

That account is google adsense account .all money you have earned from youtube or website is shown here .

7.What is address verification code ?

When you have collected 10$ in your google adsense account , google will send you 6 digit number to your home .

So you must give true postal code and true address .google sends this to you to verify your address and to verify that youtube channel is yours .

8.What is the minimun requirement to get paid by Youtube ?

To get the first earning from the Youtube or website you must collect at least minimum 100$ in your adsense account.

This will be finalised by google send to you via Western union or directly send u your bank .

Finally Completing this all procedures you get your first salary of life via online earning.

Guys there are most peoples queries and questions asked to me .its been a long article but a very useful article.

Just comment down about the article and again if there is any question in your mind comment down.

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