How to get adsense approval for wordpress?

how to get adsense approved
how to get adsense approved
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Everyone wishes to earn money from website .They buy Domain hosting also create worpress/website but it is not easy to get adsense approval . so check out this article ,How to approve your website or wordpress for the google adsense 2019 ?

how to get adsense approved
how to get adsense approved

follow these following procedures to approve google adsense

1.6 month old

To get your website get approved ,the website must be more then 6 years old.most of the peoples say this but it is not true .

2.Organic Traffic

if people visits your website through the search engine it is considered as organic traffic .

There are google search engines ,yahoo search engines ,bing search engines and others too .

If our website gets daily 500 visitors then there is high posibility of your adsense being approved.

but you also should fulfill its terms and condition too . your website posts most be unique not copied from other websites or wordpress .

3.SEO(Search Engine Optimization )

SEO i.e Search engine optimization .that means To rank your article in any search engine we must optimize our article.This process is called SEO.

By optimizing our article we can increase our visitors in the website .

There becomes the high chance of your website or a wordpress being approved.

here you should add tags , meta Discriptions in all your pages to do SEO.


Niche means in what topic your website is? in what topic you write articles in your website ,that may is either technology , Entertainment , News .

It is how many peoples are searching your title or topic of the post .how much competition is in your post.

If your website is unique then others and in your topic if there is less competitions then ,there is a high possibility to come your website up fast.


Backlinks are the those links that are provided by other website for our website article post .

Backlinks helps to give organic traffic and ranking in google .

These are the rewards given by other website to your website .


It is assumed that your website must contains 30 posts .some posts most be Populars too . on searching in google if u find your website then it is very good and there is high chance of ranking your website.

7.Regular posts

This also matters the most in Geting your Adsense must me regular posting .you can one post daily or a post in 2 days or 3 posts in a week but you must be regular to get adsense approved.

8.Avoid Copyright Contents

If you are really interested in bloging and if you really wants your website adsense approval you must not copied from others.

all your posts must be unique .you can collect data from different websites but you must have your own post own language.

9.Use of less videos and images

It is assumed that your post most contains less images and videos and should have text more to get your adsense approved.

10.Terms and Conditions

you must meet googles terms and conditions .you must not have adult contains ,Violences , crimes posts , hacking related posts .

11.Professional Look :

Your website or a wordpress must have professional theme or looks .your website must contains about us , privacy policy , contact us page , home .,disclaimer to get approved by adsense .

Follow these steps in all your wordpress articles you will definitely get adsense approval for wordpress .best of luck

For any queries you can comment below .

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