How to Increase Website Traffic In 2019 ?

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After creating a website ,you need a traffic in your website to put ads and earn money from website.lets know “how to increase website traffic ?”

You must know following things and follow what is saying in that topic .

1.Title :

The title of your article or a post in a blog must be of high competitions topic or unique but most searched topic .

If you have a high competition topic your article must be fine ,fully explained so that visitor understand the topic what he wants to know .

For both unique topic and high competition topic you must use title what keywords are people searching for .

Your title must not be too long or too short .

You can also use Yoast SEO plugin to write title to know if your title is SEO friendly or not. it shows green line below your title if it is SEO friendly .

2. Permalink

This also plays the important role in ranking your article in google . you must use this kind of permalinks :

how to use permalink to rank on google
how to use permalink to rank on google

3.H1,H2 Headings :

while writing a article your article must not be in a long paragraph rather you must use point wise .

while writing article in one sentence there must not be more then 20 words so that it wouldnt bored the reader.

So you must use sub headings H1, H2 in your article so that user wont feel bored to read your article.

4.Image Optimization :

while people search the keyword in the google and search for images then if you have done optimised your image in your post it may ranks and through that pics people visits your website .

you must give the caption for your pics , alt text to to optimisation of your image in your article.

5.Tags , Meta Discription :

This is the major part to do SEO or to rank your website on any search engine .

You must use the keyword that maximum people are searching , high competition tags .

You can use many keyword finding tools . You can do research to find the tags to rank your post .

Also in Yeost SEO tools there is snippet also through which you can write tags that will come under your topic in google .

You can write what things you have mentioned in your article through your meta Discription there comes visitors to your site.

what is meta discription and how to write meta discription
what is meta discription and how to write meta discription .

6.More then 300 words:

for the SEO friendly article or to rank your article in google you must write minimum 300 words.

Just writing a short and writing hapazadly you can not rank your post in google .

The main target of your post must be that those people who comes to your website must understood fully what you are writing .

so write minimum 300 words and write explaining fully you can also add some images to make user understood.

7.Backlinks :

Backlink means if some one gives your link to their sites and people visits in your website through that link that is called back link.

so make your website too good so that others website gives rewards to you as a backlinks.

Google help to rank your website if you have got backlinks from the reputed website .

8.Follow Yeost SEO tools :

Each and Every people who use wordpress must have yeost SEO Tools plugin whether it is paid or free version .

It helps you to write SEO friendly Artilce ,SEO friendly title , tags , meta discription and focus key phrase.

it also gives reading and SEO rank too.

thank you for reading this article .is it helpful to you ? comment down also you can comment if you have any queries .

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