Top 10 places to visit near kathmandu

places near kathmandu
places near kathmandu
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Dakshin kali lies near kathmandu valley.
Dakshinkali is a very famous Hindus goddess Kali temple. It is situated 22km south of Kathmandu city .

Bus route and arrival time :

The bus goes through balkhu .it passes through kirtipur and chobar hills .it takes 1 hrs from the balkhu.

why to visit dakshin kali ?

A large number of animals are sacrificed there .there is a separate area for picnic too.

Views / Pics :


The most popular tourist area near kathmandu valley is nagarkot.peoples used to visit nagarkot to enjoy himalayan views and panorama.nagarkot is rich in natural beauty .

Bus routine and arrival time :t

we can get bus from kamal binayak .to reach nagarkot it almost took 1 hrs.we must passed through pich and rough road to visit there .

it is really a very nice place to visit .we can see the nature beauty .there is also a view tower to see places near by it .

There is a temple at the top of the hill and from there we can see Mt.everest view too.

we can get fresh and cold air there.

3.Fulchoki :

fulchoki lies at the top of the hill which surrounds the kathmandu valley .we can see the view of kathmandu valley from there .

most of the people go there during winter, so see the snow fall .

if u love hiking this will be the best place to visit.

4.kakani :

kakani lies a little far from kathmandu .it is most popular for trout fish .

for a long ride and to enjoy natural beauty you can go there .

snow fall occurs during winter season

you can go kakani through the macha pokhari .it takes almost 1.5 hrs to reach to kakani .the roads are wide but all routes are not pitched .

There is a picnic spot too .you can see the nature

5.Godavari (botanical garden )

It is also known as a botanical gardens . many school and colleges took students there to give infromation to them about plants.

Some peoples goes there for picnic.there is a good picnic spot area and vvip gardens too.

Many peoples loves to go to this place, it is really a very beautiful place .You can find peaceful environment there .

bus lies from patan and it passes through satdobato and reach to the botanical garden .


Most of the peoples goes to sundari jal for hiking .we must pass the ladders and rough roads to reach there.

we can get bus from the ratnapark .it passes through chabahill and through the jorpati and we reach to our destiny sundarijal.

In sundarijal,You can find natural waterfalls .many peoples took photo graphs here.

When you reach at the top you can find dams there some peoples swim in the river .

There is a temple too many peoples goes there for the side of temple you can find river where maximum peoples goes to enjoy swimming .

7.Aviation museum :

This is the latest open Aeroplane museum . You can find real Aeroplane here and air hostess too there.

The main aim of this museum is to give students and all peoples about the aeroplane .how it works ,how it flies ,all kinds of planes introduction .

This is best place for photo session .you can also get dress of pilot and air hostess there.

There is also a hall if teachers have to teach students there.

8.Narayanhiti Durbar :

The best place to visit in Kathmandu is Naranhiti Durbar. This the place where the then king lived.

You can find all districts of Nepal .every room has been separated for each district and ancient kings memento are kept.

You can see the guest rooms ,halls ,meeting rooms ,bedrooms ,kitchen there.all ancients things used by king are also there.

You can see the skins of real can see the kings skin and other animals too.

You can also find the kings wearing instruments like sripech clothes and many more.

9.Swayambhu :

The next place where people want to visit in kathmandu is Swayambhu .It is the from where the view of kathmandu can be seen .it lies in the ring road .you can find the stupas of

10.kalinchok :

Kalinchok is the best place to visit near kathmandu.Most of the people go to kalinchok during winter to see the snow fall there.

There is also a temple at the top .

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