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All these information are obtained from Fobes . Here is the list of top 10 richest persons in Nepal.

10.Gyanandra Shah :

He was the king of Nepal from 2001-2008 A.D. He has share in 17 companies .he has $58M million american dollar.

9.Rajendra Khetan :

He is the business man of Nepal.he has 13 companies in Nepal.he is the adhasye of Laxmi Bank .he has 62 million american dollars.

8.Balram Chenai:

He lives in hong kong and do business .he is also the real state businessman and also sells electronics products all over the world.

He was born in Okhaldhunga , Nepal.his father was the British Laure .he has 70 million american dollar.

7.Pasupati Samsher Rana :

He used to be known more richest then king of Nepal at past.he is also the politician too.

He marriage the daughter of king of India.he got 25 thousand million .he has 84 million american dollar according to Fobes.

6.Giba Lamichanne :

He runs techno trust television in rush.he also sells elsion brand LCD television .

He works with Upendra Mahato in share .he has 92 million american dollar according to Fobes.

5.Aditya Jha :

He does business in Canada .he has 100 million dollar according to Fobes.

4.Ajay Sumargi :

He was born in Hetauda , Nepal ( Makwanpur District ).at past he used to run small business only .now he used to a large scale business too.

He is very close to our ex Priminister Puspa Kamal Dahal.he has own company ” Mukti Shree pvt ltd ” .he has more then 200 million dollar .

3.Upendra Mahato :

He used to sell electronics products in Nepal.recently he used to sells Televison in rush too.

His company makes 1 million television yearly.he has more then 250 million dollar.

2.Shes Ghale :

He is also the Adashya of NRN.he is also the CEO of Melbourne institute of technology .

He has more then 265 million dollar.he is also the Austrelian 99th richest person .

1.Binod Chaudary :

He hold 1342th position in richest person in the world.he has 1.2 billion american dollar.

He has the company names Chaudary Group.he has 80 companies inside and outside of Nepal.

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