Top 20 motivational quotes for sucess
Top 20 motivational quotes for sucess
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Top 20 motivational quotes for sucess
Top 20 motivational quotes for sucess


1.Do those kind of works which never makes you fell bored.

2.Confidence is the key . if you dont believe in yourself ,then nobody will.

3.You are allowed to scream , cry but do not give up .

4.Nothing teaches us Better then our own experience.

5.Bad things happen everyday to everyone the difference is how people deal it with.

6.Life is like a cup of tea , its exactly how you make it .

7. Dont be afraid to take risks, risks can lead to great things .

8.when you lose , dont lose the lesson .

9.Life always offers you a second chance, its called tomorrow.

10.Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher.

11. Dont let your past kill your future.

12.Be strong enough to stand alone ,Smart enough to know when you need help,and brave enough to ask for it .

13.Dont make excuses make improvements.

14.Relax , stay positive , dont be so hard on yourself , you are living and learning, forgive yourself and grow from the experience.

15.The moment you fell like giving up, remember all the reasons you held on for so long .

16.A winner was once a Dreamer who never give up.

17.Never stop Learning , because life never stops Teaching.

18.Good things come to those who waits ,but better things comes to those who work for it.

19.Distance yourself from the people who :

-lie to you

-disrespect you

-use you

-Put you down

20.Be fearless

have a vision

believe in yourself

Stay Focused

Get motivated

Get inspried

do comment your best quote also share with your friends , family , relatives and to the whole world.

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