Top 5 Ways To Earn Money Online

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In Nepalese context we , our society and family thinks that our life is bright if we read well and passed the Lok Sewa exam.

They just think doing a permanent government job is beings Sucessful in life.

In context of Nepal , most of the family belongs to be Middle class family and in student life we need some extra pocket money too.

So To solve this problem and Earn money online we can follow following ways.

Top 5 ways to earn money online
Top 5 ways to earn money online 2019


we all know these days youtube is the most popular can get any kind of video there .

Advertising companies also used to invest there money in this field where they can get high audience then in tv advertisement .

Youtube also have given many person to work on it and earn money . you can make video and upload on youtube to earn money.

You can upload technology related ,News , Entertaintment , Biography , Vlogs .only you should follow community guidelines of youtube.

First you need google Adsense account linked with your Youtube channel.

Recently you must complete 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers in a year to enable Monetization in youtube.

Monetization means you are able to put google ads in your youtube videos.

from that ads you can earn money .To withdraw you need $100 in your google adsense account.


In wordpress, you can write a post and earn money . for this also you need to have approved adsense account .

Here you can write a post that a people search the most .

To install wordpress you must buy domains and hosting

For the beginner you can also buy free domains and hostings too.

You can use freenom and for free domains and hostings .

3.Facebook instant article

Next popular ways to earn money is Facebook instant article .

you need a website or WordPress and a facebook page to Earn From facebook instant article.

From the same post of wordpress you can earn money from Facebook too.

You must link your facebook page with your websites or wordpress.

Facebook has also enabled video monetization program like a youtube .but our country isnt eligible for facebook video monetization.


It is same like wordpress. for wordpress you need domains and hosting account but for this you dont need anything.but to put ads in your post you should have adsense account.

In present context as there are websites and wordpress these blogs are not given more importances because websites and wordpress have many features .

wordpress and websites looks Attractive and informations giving so people are more engages in websites and wordpress in 2019.

5.Application developers

In this digital world almost every people uses smart phones. in every smartphone they install applications.

So by developing an applications also we can earn money online . while we open or play application there comes a ads placed by google from that we can earn money .

To become a applications developers you should have a knowledge of programming languages C, C++,java , php , python,.net .you can also develop android applications from the android studio.

all these are the ways to earn money online in nepal .if you dont understand something i will explain more just comment down below .

share with your friends and start to earn money online in Nepal as a part time job.


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