Upasana Singh Thakuri Biography/ Lifestyle

upasana singh thakuri biography
upasana singh thakuri biography
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Upasana Singh Thakuri is the youngest Actress debuted from captain movie in opposite of anmol kc.lets find out more information about her from Upasana Singh Thakuri biography .  

upasana singh thakuri
upasana singh thakuri

She has debuted from the movie “ Captain ” and is produced by Bhuvan kc .

Anmol kc and Upasana Singh Thakuri are in main role in this flim.

Recently captain movie song “rahar cha sangai ” is on trending page of Nepal,also she got good response from this song.

Early Life :

Actress Upasana Singh Thakuri was born on september 20 in kathmandu (Capital city of nepal).

Her nickname is “Sukee” and she is 5 feet 6 inches tall.her birth sign is virgo .

Education :

Debuted Actress Upasana Singh Thakuri finished her schooling from kathmandu and presently she is studying bachelor in Ace institute of management.

Profession :

Thakuri is a youngest Nepali Beautiful actress and a model and also a student.

Debuted movie :

Captain ” .she is in opposite role of anmol kc in this movie.

This movie is produced by bhuvan kc and directed by diwakar bhattarai.

upasana singh thakuri
upasana singh thakuri

More info about her :

Favourite singer : Chris brown.

Relationship Status : not revealed anything about it.

Fan followers : huge fan followers in social medias.


upasana singh thakuri
Yupasana singh thakuri

You can also watch following Video to know more about her

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