Who is Simran Pandey ? Why Popular Now ?

simran pandey biography
Simran pandey biography
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Hello everyone , Recently You all most know that Simran Pandey is Viral all over Nepal .She is trending all over social media and trending topic of most of news of Nepal .To Know about her Check out this article.

Simran Pandey
Simran Pandey

Simran pandey is famous from Stand up nepali Comedy video in comdey circle where She has performed . As a Stand up Comedian She tries to make peoples laugh in the video .

The topic on which Simran Pandey has Given Stand up Comedy is ” Relationships And Breakups “.

The main Reason She Gets Viral In Social media is that She uses two words ” Boobs And Dick ” To Make People laugh,told by public.

The Use of those words in Stand up Comedy By gets viral .Many Peoples gives many opinion on use of that word.some told it is okay to use and some told being a young age Girls uses that word in public is not good.

Recently Her Video in Comedy circle get more then 2.2 million views . This is the first Stand up comedy Video to cross 2.2 Million Views.This video is still on trending page of Youtube .

She was viral making her trolls . In most of the trolls ,trollers have use the word “ma banchu ni ” .

Also she told that How boys responses to Boobs pics and how girls reacts to Dicks picture .many peoples say this is the main reason that she gets viral .

After she gets viral many new reports and youtube channels has interviewed her .

Simran Pandey Parents

Simran Pandey Parents
Simran Pandey Parents

Father : Sohan Bir pandey

As Nepali Society doesnt accept Girls talking Those words They also feel bad for her who gives negative Comments To Her .

Simran pandey views:

Simran Pandey
Simran Pandey

She ignores the negative Comments .According to her ,She has told truth .As Neplease Society is not open minded for the two words of the body parts they make big issues .

Majority Of the teens does these things ,So She Wants to Make them aware that They Shouldnt Do These things.

In her view ,She has not Talk anything wrong .

Lets know more about Simran Pandey

Name : Simran Pandey

from : Biratnagar

She loves to make peoples laugh from her childhood.

She wants to go to US And Read psychology .

In a interview , She told That Everything She told on Standup comedies are true .That is she was in relationship at past and had a breakup now.

She supports FCBarcelona Forever.

Simran Pandey
Simran Pandey

Simran Pandey viral Sentences :

1.“Ma banchu ni kasto huncha “

2. “Make sure thulo dekhiyos “

3.”jim sim janthiyo yetrai ta raicha ni “

Simran Pandey Instagram

After Simran Pandey video gets popular she got a huge fan followers in social medias .And she has 10.1k Followers in Instagram.

her instagram link :

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